Eric Peterson

travel writer
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About (Biography)

Born and raised in Colorado, Eric Peterson started traveling as a newborn child on his way back from the hospital. Numerous family road trips ensued, often to comedic effect.

Eric started writing when he was 4, covering such stories as an anthropomorphic hammer fighting similarly humanoid nails and a bipedal polka-dotted gator-like creature named Erg.

He first got paid to write in his early 20s when he landed a freelance gig on a Frommer's book. That was 1995. As of 2013, Eric has written dozens of travel guides, predominately Frommer's titles, as well as his own Ramble Guides series of books.

Eric has also written for numerous magazines and newspapers during his career, including the
Denver Post, Westword, the New York Daily News, United Hemispheres, Delta Sky, ColoradoBiz, Arthur Frommer's Budget Travel, and Nintendo Power.
Pictured above off the California coast on Anacapa Island, Eric is currently working on new editions of several Frommer's guidebooks, an epic rock-and-roll masterpiece,  and a number of other projects.
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