"Leave it to Eric Peterson to find the most absurd traveler adventures, all on road trips inside the California state lines. Peterson's Ramble California divides the state into regions, then delves into quirky spots." -- Contra Costa Times, May 2009

"Peterson's musings on the places and people along the way make this journey a pleasant one" -- USA Today, October 2006

"Peterson's books are quirky, entertaining and excellent resources for planning road trips. He discovers fascinating attractions and people in places that most of us wouldn't even begin to know how to look for. Paraphrasing one of his descriptions about the "Ultimate Taxi" in Aspen, I think the highest and best use of this totally engrossing epic is that Ramble Colorado is the best book to carry with you if you don't have a destination

in mind and are in no hurry to get there. -- Mark Sedenquist, RoadtripAmerica.com, December 2008

Eric Peterson

travel writer
Words for sale (gently used, make best offer)

Greetings and salutations.

If you were scouring the intertubes for the website of travel writer Eric Peterson of Denver, Colorado, congratulations. You found me.

If you are looking for another Eric Peterson, such as the heavy metal guitarist or the Web analytics guru or the guy who could eat an entire stick of glue next to you in third grade, good luck. It's not me, and there are a lot of us.

My latest book, Ramble Texas, is at a bookstore near you. Relatively speaking, in galactic terms, that is.

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